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Postscript Programming Examples

 Postscript (by Adobe) is the language used by most high-end laser printers.
 While it is excellent for putting marks on paper, it is also a versatile general
 purpose computer language. The best starting place to find Postscript resources 
 on the Internet is  Jim Land's Postscript Page .

 I have put together some examples of simple Postscript programs which
 create useful output. They include graph paper of various dimensions,
 isometric grid paper (useful for school homework !), some print layout
 rulers, for example rulers marked in dimensions that line printers use 
 such as 1/6, 1/8 and 1/10 of an inch, a Postscript point ruler, and my 
 take on watermark printing. Download the file and have a look
 the readme.txt file. These programs are copyright of the author, and are 
 free for non-commercial use. 

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