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Vmsterm VT220 Emulation for Linux

 Vmsterm is a Unix script for connecting to a VMS computer with a decent
 VT220 emulation, so that you can run VMS editors EDT and TPU and other 
 VMS applications requiring a complete VT100 or VT220 emulation. It is 
 adapted from a script by Bob Ess which I found in the Xterm faq, but I 
 have completely redone the key translations. Vmsterm is ideal for VMS 
 diehards (like myself) who are using a Linux computer to connect to a 
 VMS host.

 Download the file, unzip it, have a look at the vmsterm.readme
 and move the file vmsterm to somewhere like /usr/local/bin which is in your 
 standard path, and then chmod it to make it executable.


     # vmsterm -host


  • Download vmsterm
  • View vmsterm source


    Author : Erik Ahlefeldt ( )
    Last revision : 17 May 2000